Wellness Wednesday 101: Be True to YOU

 iPhone Shot | First Selfie in 2018

iPhone Shot | First Selfie in 2018

Today is the 3rd day in January. 

And it happens to fall on a Wednesday! It’s Wellness Wednesday y’all and I’m honestly feeling good. 

Last night I was stressed, I received an email that raised my anxiety only because I assumed my job was done and it wasn’t. Instead of asking questions I panicked then I remembered some intentions I  set, one of them is to think first then react, so I calmed down. I changed my negative words and started to design some things. My can’t turned I know I can I just may not have time do all they want and I'd rather get someone else to bc I’m still learning and it’s very time consuming. I had to tell myself that I was not making excuses. THIS IS A FACT. Not excuses, they're just possible facts and... 

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you may not be able to complete something. 

Nothing wrong with it at all. 

I also realized that my following is has decreased on instagram, go figure. I told myself that I would not let numbers determine the student I am nor my success in school and that goes for life outside of school as well. I am forever a student in life. I am constantly observing and learning so I observed that people will follow you to unfollow you, I also learned that people say they support you but when you start to rise to your potential they may unfollow you bc you're “doing too much” or not the same. I had more followers when I attempted fashion blogging. No shade to anyone at all but I could care less about that. Now I love fashion but not trending fashion baggy clothes and a poppin' heel is literally what my life consists of. 

My last observation is a real one. Everyone wants to live well, but no one really wants to do what it takes to live well. Wellness is a trend just like everything, however this is my lifestyle and I am eventually going to be an herbalist and no that does not have anything to do with weed. I have to accept that too much positivity can seem fake, too much positivity can make negative minds feel uncomfortable and that has nothing to do with me. 

This is my lifestyle, my goal in life is to be NuNaked care free and living in my own comfort zone because I’ve already created it. 

So on this Wellness Wednesday don’t let the inconsistencies and confusions of the world jade your reality.
Be true to you 🌻