Meditation Session: Remembering Miami


While I did my morning guided meditation, I was told to "go back to a time where the sun kissed your skin and made the gold shimmer shine from your melanin". Ok, so not like that but yea. And I was asked how felt and instantly I thought Miami. Miami was the best time of my life. Did I get drunk, YES, did I look like a snack, Uhhhh HELL YES and was I responsible....NO I got kicked out the club for partaking in ratchet activities that I was involuntarily involved in but hey it's Miami. 


Miami was a grand time *in my best British accent* 

The thing I remember the most was how I felt in the sun and in the water, and just seeing the water made me happy because it was blue. I have terribly sensitive skin and although I love the beach the water scares me because I could break out in any second. Prime example, we went on a girls trip to Virginia Beach, the water legit burned my skin and so did the sand. Now, that beach was dirty so that could have been it but I just know salt water and eczema are not friends.

So the water splashed on me and I touched it and played in it and I was fine, literally fun in the sun. My skin was glistening, my fro was poppin' and I was happy as hell. It's the small things, but I    also noticed while reminiscing that I get that same feeling laying by the pool in the sun. I have a real connection with the sun and thats why I consider myself a sunflower. So yea, after meditation I wrote in my journal, 


Miami makes everyone feel free, and careless so why not apply that to your everyday life? Miami made me feel warm inside like how love feels, just a good you can't explain, like baked Mac and cheese good. 

I feel that if everyone was to aspire to feel how they felt on their most memorable vacation or moment then it would have a huge impact on how they looked at their everyday life. 

So with that being said...Reflect on your favorite vacation, or moment. How did you feel? Do you think everyday you can remind yourself to feel like...? Let's talk about it, comment below :) 

Remind yourself daily to ALWAYS FEEL LIKE MIAMI