Therapy Session 1: Introduction

 Alex Elle

Alex Elle


My name is Dakotah Carter, I'm 23, and I'm still finding myself, well trying too, I have anxiety and panic attacks about every day and about everything. It's annoying AF but I can only try to control it or let it control me.

So the week before I met with my therapists I listened to BGIO (Black Girl In Om) It resonated on so many levels and it was packed with gems on self care, gut health and just a little bit of everything I needed for anxiety. SO, I took all of Dr. Tiffany Letters advice on winding down and everything I felt I needed and decided to apply it. 

1.write some mantras and affirmations and say them daily

2. meditate every morning

3. wind down before you wind down, meaning turn everything off before you go to sleep and allow your mind to relax read a book, listen to music, or talk with a friend who you know will leave you in a positive space before bed. 

4. workout twice a week and run once and yoga every Thursday . 

5. eat clean (too easy)

So I did all of this in that week and it made a huge difference in my every day routine. The meditation mantras before I start my days made an impact, It honestly felt amazing and it still does. With meditation there's no elevating off the ground, you don't have to sit for hours but it is a mind exercise so it's not easy. It's challenging but the key is to allow your mind to wander so you can pull it back into a space of "Om" (world vibration that pulls you back to center) so that way you begin to learn mind control. 

Then Monday, I met with my Therapists. Now for me I needed it for 2 reasons. For 1, I need more time on my test so that way if I need to breathe I can and 2, somethings I can't figure out on my own. I proceed to list things that I deal with on a daily for her to say well, "You're not depressed! (Go FIGURE, I knew that shit) but you do have general anxiety and panic attacks." I knew that too, but it felt good to hear her say it so I can stop questioning what the hell is wrong with me. It also felt good to NOT hear the medication spiel, I'M NOT TAKING MEDICATION I DON'T EEN LIKE PAIN KILLERS. 

What I plan to do is share my experience with having a therapists because it may help someone see that it is okay to not be okay or feel okay all the time. You are human and you have to believe that there are people to help you on every scale of mental health. Every black woman I have listened to on about them in their profession say how they recommend having a therapist because it helps keep them centered, so that made me feel comfortable because one day I hope to be successful like them and honestly you can't get anywhere if mentally you can't handle it. 

So with that being said, here's the introduction to my 12 week therapy session.

I hope this helps.