Stay Woke, Live Well

 Carey J. King

Carey J. King

I remember after hearing about this colored sign that was hung over a water fountain at my school. I remember when Keith Lamont Scott got killed and our chancellor spoke on it and you could tell it wasn’t sincere. I also remember when the majority considered the minority a problem because it seemed as we were “taking over” when in reality, we just want the college experience. 

It sucks because when you go to a school simply to educate yourself and get somewhere and beat statistics you really see that at the end of the day the truth is: to some, no matter who you are, your physical characteristics will be enough for them. The color of your skin, your culture will speak louder than the work you do. 

So, the ways I stay woke and well is I constantly educate myself. Angela Rye is my absolute favorite podcast to listen to and she keeps me updated. I read black news. Because all we see is negative,  I read positive news so I have an even balance and I constantly remind myself that no matter what, do you and be you. Own your blackness and love your melanin, encourage and empower when you get the chance and be strong minded. 

It does get hard as hell but you have too. Even if that means the Silverlining is something that you came up with in your head. So be it, because that way you can put your mind at ease. I also decide what I’m going to stress about, I don’t let everything stress me out simply because I understand the way Media works.

In class we were taught how they use certain words to portray certain images, I was taught that the media spins things to make you worry so the ratings will go up, to provoke an emotion that you feel like you need to watch the news. So, I don’t watch the news because I understand that it’s a business and they don’t care about my feelings they care about ratings and high ratings sometimes can mean a raise

The orange racistdude people call president is another case that I don’t even touch on because what he really did was force black people to wake up and that’s something I’ve been waiting on. Just in another way (maybe God misunderstood our conversation it’s okay though) but it has really shown me people’s true colors, exposed them for who they really are. 

So, can I really be mad that the white girl in my class I thought was antisocial or shy when I asked her questions is NOT antisocial or shy...she’s just prejudice or racist because now that the Cheetoh (#45) speaks on his feelings about minorities, I automatically fit that mold. He heightened her preconceived notions of what a “black woman” was, meanwhile he’s still loving the idea of grabbing women by the pussies. Clown Ass Fool. 

Anywho, all I’m saying is you literally control what you put into your mind. You control what you feed into your life, so do just that. Make your own opinions and assumptions and stop believing everything people say because what they tell you is sometimes how they perceived it.