Paper Conversations: Scarcity & Abundance

 picture inspo from pinterest 

picture inspo from pinterest 

So, I decided to share my journal entry.

Not the exactness but concept wise it’s the exact same.

For the people who get overwhelmed and feel like money is an issue THIS IS FOR YOU and reminder for me. Don’t let this world have control over you, make sure you remain in control.

Ever since I’ve taken this leap of faith I have been moving in the best way. I became a full time lyft driver and I was making good money. Now, let me clarify..GOOD money to me is when my bills are paid nothing more nothing less. I was not stressed. I had no money to do extra things but if I needed to pay my insurance, I knew I had to do lyft the weekend before. Then lyft got slow and I became a freelance graphic designer and never in a million years did I think I’d enjoy it so much! Or even think I’d be doing it. Then that got slow. I got my refund check and paid off EVERYTHING and spent money on little things and I’ve been good. But I looked at my checking account (not savings) and it said $4 it hasn’t been that low in about 4 months. Nothing new but it stressed me and I became overwhelmed and my anxiety kicked in.

I had a friend who honestly grabbed life by the hand and became friends with it. And understood it. He helped me understand that living in an abundance was better than living in scarcity and that we couldn’t allow little things like money to have so much control over our life. He said “We create whatever atmosphere we live in” which is true. We create our destiny and we speak whatever it is into our life.

He also told me even when things feel scarce don’t acknowledge it, let that shit ride and feel wealthy. Stay above the scarcity. Because if we acknowledge it and dwell on it we will stay in it. Now, I know I say a lot, “Acknowledge what you feel” and this time it may seem like I’m saying just sweep it under the rug but nah what I’m saying is find out the problem, don’t lie to yourself.

If you’re feeling like funds are low ask yourself what you been buying and make a plan to control it. Don’t dwell on your empty pockets.

If you need a new job go out there and get one don’t make excuses for it.

Hell if you need a job get one.

And if you’re like me and you’ve taken a leap on faith BE PATIENT. Money should never be your main focus. Budgeting should be your friend and don’t compare your success or journey to anyone else.

Do you and keep grinding.

Be easy

-kody 🌻