Alex Elle Affirmations: Love, Prevails, Trials


So I started this challenge that Alex Elle started and it was for affirmations which I am really big on. 

Everyday there are 3 words that we can base our affirmations around and for the past two days I have had a different perspective. On top of my meditation. So I decided that instead of doing a regular post I will share this journal I wrote:

Love prevails through all. 

Often times people put themselves on limits with love, and love in fact has absolutely no limits. Societal pressures make you feel as if you have to get your life together because you're behind, when in reality you are on your time. You have to separate your life from peoples life on social media. 

In order to live your life, you must live your life. 

You go through the trials of love to learn how to accomplish certain situations to. Everything isn't meant to have an understanding, somethings end for the better. Whether it's timing or that person just isn't for you. 

Every failed situation should teach you how to move in the next. 

Live, Learn & Conquer,
Kody A.