5 Meditation Tips For Beginners

 Joshua Galloway

Joshua Galloway


In these days I allow my mind to wander freely. I don't stop it or question the thought but I let it happen and then I breathe deeply and everything gets calm. This is how I started handling my anxiety.

Being mindful and acknowledging these thoughts and feelings and understanding that my anxiety comes in when I try too hard to control racing thoughts.

Racing thoughts aren’t just about 1 thing oh no, it’s about those sounds you hear,  what you ate yesterday, what someone said a month ago that still doesn’t make sense EVEN after the conversation if there was one. I mean imagine trying to control them all at one. That’s like controlling 8 bad ass kids . Almost a heart attack. 

So anyways,

Meditation allows you to free your mind and learn how to gain control. The goal of mediation is to gain control over your mind to understand and see things a little clearer. It’s not to instantly heal , no this is holistic health an actual practice. You will not be able to sit in still silence for 30 min as soon as you start I started with 5 min on my own and 10 min with guided meditation. But the goal is to practice because it actually makes perfect. You practice holistic health and yoga and all that. You don’t just do it.

So here are 5 tips  to meditation!

  1. Remember it’s YOUR journey and your practice don’t let anyone tell you how you’re supposed to do it
  2. Be consistent . Set a goal twice a week everyday etc. this forces you to make time for yourself
  3. Go slowly . There’s no rush peace will forever be there. Theres pressure everywhere in life but this is spiritual so allow yourself to be present in every moment. You never know what you’ll come to terms with
  4. Don’t get frustrated in your distractions. Allow them to happen so you can be the one to pull back In
  5. Don’t force peace let it happen naturally. If you’re not happy it’s ok acknowledge it and bring yourself back to om.

And a little side note do research. Learn the terminology and mantras to say during this journey because they make a huge difference.


But that’s all for now.

Peace, love & souuuuuuuuul 🌻