3 Major Ways to Live in Gratitude



Hey Hey! Thank God it’s The Weekend! 

So here recently I have been journaling every morning 1 thing I’m grateful/thankful for and 1 reason I love myself. Now, as easy as it sounds it’s not. It’s a 30 day challenge and everyday you name something new you love about yourself. I’ve skipped days so I can experience life and learn something new that I love and it’s still not that easy. As far as listing things I’m grateful or thankful for, I repeat those because I am thankful for my family everyday and that will never change. 

you should definitely try it. 

Anywho, I’ve noticed a change in perception. So I wanted to share with you

3 major ways that you can also live in gratitude!

1. Make a list of ALL things you are thankful for. Doing this you will see how blessed you are. 

2. Be GRATEFUL. Things may be going shitty, the world may seem like it’s crumbling down on you but find that silver lining and be grateful that you are able to experience this and learn how to grow through it. Be Grateful because it could be worse. It’s really easy to let tough times take you down with them, I still struggle with this honestly but as I always say...I AM HUMAN. I am allowed to grow through the motions.

3. Remind yourself of your purpose. Now, this is a hard one because if you do not know your purpose then you can’t remind yourself of your purpose. My purpose is to be a light and spread light and love everywhere I go, to help people and use the voice and my words God has given me and follow whatever path the Universe lays out for me. So yea, it sounds good but do you know how hard it is to stay true to that when an easier path is visible? Instead of complaining about the easy way out and how frustrating it is because the ugly truth is No one really wants to be well because it involves super deep digging, find a way to help people deep sea dive in their own worlds but make it exciting, make it comfortable for people to. Find a way your purpose speaks to people, and speak to them.

And here’s a bonus!

Remind yourself daily to not take things personally and to just breathe. It’s in those moments where you can restart and remember what you’re grateful or thankful for.

So, moving into this new week, what are some of the things you are grateful or thankful for?


love and light 

kody 🌻