The Truth About Your 20's



When I turned 20 my best friends brother sent me an article saying how your 20's are your selfish years in which they are but that doesn't mean you cut the world off. How do you possibly expect to evolve if you are cutting people off and being selfish. You actually need people to evolve to grow to learn , you do and I feel people forget that. 

The article basically touched on how you should use your 20's to learn who you are, learn the world around you. Don't focus on things that don't serve you. Be as free as possible and do things that make you genuinely DEESGUSTINGLY happy! (And yes I know I spelled it wrong.) 

1. Get to know you. Spend time with yourself. Find out what your likes and dislikes in relationships and friendships are. Whether it's intimate or personal get to know the truth about you. 

2. Get up and get out. Meet new people and go explore the world around you. Do something out of the ordinary for you. 

As crazy as it sounds if there was someone you ended on bad terms with talk to them. It's something about releasing a feeling of words or emotions that make you feel lighter. 

Prime example:

I forgave my ex for a lot of things he never even apologized for and just let it go. Finally, 4 years later we had a conversation on the information I’ve known and held for years, that he didn’t even know I knew. I wasn’t angry or anything but it was conversation that needed to be held because we were at the same school. The conversation was great got to a good standpoint. It just felt good to let him know.

On to my next...

3. LET IT GO. Do not hold onto things that no longer serve you. If it stresses you, you don’t need it. And if you do, just relax. Theres no reason to become anxious over things you can control. If you’re stressed about school, change study habits if you’re stressed about work take a break. 

4. Do what makes you happy! never settle and don’t stay where you’re needs aren’t being fulfilled. If you hate your job quit. It's that simple. Ooh and most importantly start thinking about your career NOW. These are the years you are trying to figure everything out, so while you getting your life together in other aspects, get your life right for your future. 

5. Have fun! Don’t try to keep up with everyone else I know it’s easy to fall into social expectations but live your life not theirs. If you’re single have fun, date around (THAT DOES NOT MEAN SLEEP WITH EVERYONE) 

6. It kinda goes with #5 but don’t turn down love. If you meet someone who is worth your time get to know them and see if they are. You will never know who your knight in shinning armor is unless you give them a chance. That doesn’t mean be a sucker for love at all, don’t be naive and don’t give up on love too easy but take chances. THE SMART WAY!. 

Another Example: 

I'm sitting in this group of females the question "how do you feel about your 20's are those really your selfish years?" was asked and 2 females in particular spoke very passionately about "f**k these niggas" pretty much. And it hit me more than once, that our generation is filled with a lot of hurt mentalities and lacks love and compassion. I wanted to be like “who hurt you” but females have a tendency of holding on to past experiences and wearing them on their shoulders where as men take it differently emotionally and mentally. 

But just is for loving, and you love to live. So, just take life one day at a time...


Because you are in your 20's...