Self-Care Tip: Deep Breathing is the easiest step to take on your journey


Stress is a very high health factor in the African American community from societal pressures to health issues. Stress is high on the scale for health related issues, so it is important to try to reduce it as soon as possible. Then to add to the stress it is hard to find a doctor who you feel understands you and wants to actually help you instead of dope you up on a bunch of medication. I remember in my African American health & human sexuality class, we discussed PTSD in African Americans and the reason why we don’t go to the doctor or believe mental health is a factor is because of fear and the distrust we have experienced from the white community. From injecting sick patients with syphillis (The Tuskegee Experiment) to the cloning of Henrietta Lacks cells (by the way AMAZING movie) there has always been a distrust with African Americans and the Medical system. 

So we as a community NEED to learn how to take care of ourselves, learn the importance of eating healthier, living in abundance and holistic care. I‘m not saying you have to go plant based because I am not. Hell, I am not consistently doing any of this, I give myself an honest 7.9/10. However, watching what you eat and how much meat you eat of it is definitely key. I eat fish, and when I eat African food sometimes I eat meat (chicken and beef) and sometimes I eat around it and that depends on the last time I ate meat. But to be honest every time I eat meat I think of the worms that could be possibly eating away at my inside because meat carries worms no matter if it’s grass fed or not. 

But if you still eat pork you will forever disgust me because pigs carry the most disease and you’re basically eating shit because all they eat is slop. 



Anywho, thus be the reason that wellness is important and self care needs to be more of a lifestyle. The easiest way to destress is to practice deep breathing. My favorite intention to carry with me is “Just Breathe,” because it’s a simple reminder to relax.

Deep breathing may not seem like it helps a lot, however deep breathing have been scientifically proven to slow down your heart beat and lower/stabilize blood pressure. They also release endorphins, which are the body's natural "feel-good" or pain killer. It helps your body's organs remove toxins from the constant up and down movement of the diaphragm and they relax your mind and body. Consider deep breathing like a full body reset.

Because of my anxiety I have to remind myself to just breathe. But I found that sitting in traffic, at my desk working, when I’m feeling fatigue or anytime throughout the day all I had to do was inhale and exhale slowly. In through my nose out through my nose. Then for the last breath out through my mouth and then boom! My body feels awake, I feel calm and my mind is aware. The best part about deep breathing is the fact that is 100% free and you can do it anywhere. I know at anytime I'm feeling over whelmed I'm like okay Kotah, just breathe, and I do so deep breathing and my body is relaxed. 

If you are trying to get started on this wellness journey and don't know where to start, or think you need a bunch of things to start...YOU DON'T. You can start today for just 10 easy payments of 19.99!!!!


Okay, so I'm defiantly kidding but you can really try it today right now and when you do let me know how you like it. Talk to me!