New Cut, Who Dis?


As you see, my hair is gone and blonde. Yea, the most liberating feeling was cutting it to the point where I literally could just touch my scalp and not dig for it. A lot of people asked me why I cut my hair and my mom constantly asked me, What does Brandon (my boyfriend) think about it. 

Addressing the first question,

I was tired of my hair. I like being low-key and my hair gets a lot of attention and not that I didn't love it, but I wasn't in love with it. I complained about it a lot. I also caught myself comparing myself to others constantly to motivate me to be like other people when in reality, their reality is a hair blogger and mine is not. I'm not a natural hair blogger, I was but I don't want to be anymore, I blog for Curls Understood and probably will forever because of how much I love Ms. Sylvia Kerali but on my own blog, I won't. I never had a super intense routine and now I really don't.   

Addressing my moms question,

Brandon didn't give two shiiiis....yea I told him and all he said was, "I just don't want to her you complaining saying how much your miss my hair." The only thing I miss is my neck being warm but now hats and hoods fit so literally I'm good. I can play with dye as much as I want and don't have to worry about taking up too much product to keep it moisturized. I just have nothing but positive things to say about getting this cut. Plus, It feels good being with someone who loves you for you, he has literally seen me at my worst and not period worse with just cramps, I'm talking viciously sick and couldn't control it. It was disgusting. A lot of the situationships I was in the guys loved my hair like it was the best part of me and I started to believe it as well, it was a self fulfilling prophecy that I was in a sense owning up to. So cutting it was cutting off all that bull shit I was fed.  Cutting my hair was empowering, I hid a lot behind my hair, and now I literally have nothing to hide behind so it's teaching me a whole different level of self love and it feels amazing. 

There are a lot of feelings and emotions I deal with daily and I write a lot so I decided to strip myself of everything that basically makes me feel comfortable so I can become super uncomfortable and learn to live in it.

I mean besides,