DIY Healthy Herbal Tea



It's tea time!

This past week I have been drinking this homemade tea, I'm going to call it the Clean & Calm tea. I found myself becoming addicted to this tea and still am because of how much it relaxed me and actually helped my cramps. I was drinking cup after cup, a straight up tea-a-holic. I do not like taking medicine and won't unless I'm in dire pain and am no where near what I need, so I    decided to experiment last week because I was stressed and cramping. 

This tea has lemongrass, spearmint, honey and coconut oil and bay leaves. 

I got the spearmint and lemongrass water from Trader Joes, its all organic and equal parts mixed with water. 

- 1 tbsp. of raw organic honey

- 1 tsp. of unrefined coconut oil. 

- 2 bay leaves.

The benefits of each:

Spearmint Menthol, one of the most powerful active ingredients in spearmint, has a soothing,  effect on the body, which has been known to produce a calm and relaxed state. For those suffering from cysts on your ovaries like myself or some other form of hormonal imbalance, spearmint has been shown to help manage or treat the condition. It is good for respiratory health due to it's anti-inflammatory properties. LASTLY it helps gas, CRAMPS and bloating. Because of my anxiety this was helping me get through all my exams. 

Lemongrass Has all the same properties as Spearmint. It improves your digestive system and overall gut health. It also boosts your immunity, increases your metabolism rate, and will help get rid of an illness faster. 

Honey is a natural sweetener and PACKED with a bunch of minerals and vitamins, I can't remember the last time I actually added sugar to anything. 

Coconut oil same properties as spearmint and lemon grass. I will say this, the difference between unrefined and refined is that refined is bleached to take away how strong the coconut taste and smell is. I prefer to digest organic & unprocessed because it holds all the natural benefits to me. 

Bay Leaves have the same properties as spearmint and lemongrass. 

In a nutshell, I call it "Clean & Calm" tea because it keeps your insides clean, healthy and protected and soothes you. It's perfect for before your meals if you have acid reflux and for after to aid in digestion, or if you just need to wind down before you wind down drink this cup of tea and read yourself to sleep. 

If you want to do more research or switch the herbs out Organic Facts is my new favorite go to for organic facts!