Being Inspired with Josefina Sanders


As some of you know, I‘m new to this entrepreneur life and I will say in general this time around, I am taking things a lot more serious. As I started cleaning up my instagram I kept coming across these amazing women of color that were so inspiring and motivating and beautiful not just outside but their soul had a glow that I could follow and learn from. I came across Josefina’s work first and was like “I know this is printed!!, I‘m tryna get like that!” And then I found the face behind the art and was drawn in completely!

When I first came across Josefinas work, I    said to myself "She is amazing! This is not her, this has to be printed I gotta get like that!" Then I found the face behind the art and was drawn in completely.


 S&S Hendley Photography

S&S Hendley Photography

So here goes her peace and I hope you enjoy!

So what exactly does self-care mean to you, and what do your self care sessions look like?

Self-care first and foremost means prioritizing my health. I think that with the word floating around and catching lots of traction people think it means spoiling yourself, or an excuse for overspending money- but to me self-care is filling up to pour out into others. Self-Care sessions for me have lots of still moments, whether that’s spending time journaling, sleeping, cooking a meal from an actual cookbook, dancing. . I love dancing, going outside for a walk, slowing down with a facemask, hair mask, and a book, or simply on my knees in prayer.

 And at what point in your life did you realize that self-care was important?

It was last year that my husband and I lost our first baby. During that time, I blamed myself, for not eating much, overworking myself, and not taking care of me. As I mourned the loss of our baby, I began slowing down. It’s crazy how grief dims the things that don’t matter and magnifies what does, like, actually slowing down and eating, going outside and just experiencing the beauty of the world.

 What was the first step you decided to take on your self care journey?

The first step to self-care that I took was quit my job and take a month to grieve. Now I don’t recommend quitting your job, but at that season my job was emotionally tolling for me, and very emotionally sensitive for me. But, I do suggest removing yourself from things that may be taking an emotional/physical toll on you.

 Being an entrepreneur, how do you find the perfect balance to make sure you don’t forget yourself?

I think one of the biggest things that has helped me in this journey has been sharing those vulnerable hard parts of me. I think that often times we see people especially on social media, and assume that their life is perfect, but then we have people who share the nitty gritty parts of life that makes us relate more to them. Being able to find the balance of sharing my imperfections while also protecting my heart has been one of the biggest things that help me – also my husband will definitely bring me back to earth if he ever sees my head getting big about something lol.

 Who inspires you the most?

She’s no longer alive. But my great grandmother “mama” lived a full life of intention. She did nothing special but love and provide for her family, yet she was my biggest blessing and most impactful teacher on earth.


 Carography Studios

Carography Studios

 When you’re not creating what do you do?

ooh, when I’m not creating you can find me watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, The Chi, This is Us, Empire, Insecure. Or I’m buying flowers, or plants. Or cooking a meal while listening to music.

 Carography Studios

Carography Studios

 What motivates you and how do you stay motivated?

My husband is my biggest motivator. I mean this man is the total package. He’s just as dedicated and passionate about my calling as I am. He challenges me to stay focused and finish what I start. He asks me on the daily how things are going in the business side.

 What is a typical day in the life of you?

A typical day in my life requires me struggling to get out of bed. Grabbing some coffee, snuggling with my sweater/blanket and reading a devotional. Journaling. Cooking. Leading out Zumba class, and creating.

Do you have any favorite artists, creatives, or “gurus”?

Oh man I’m inspired by Alex Elle, she’s the epitome of living with intention and practicing self-care. I love that she’s open yet shares a special part of her life with her family.

Deun Ivory… she’s literally life giving. I feel like I can relate to her on so many levels. And let’s be honest, her style is BOMB!

 What does it mean to be a woman of color that practices self-care. 

To be a woman of color who practices self-care means that I’m an advocate of living a life of intention, grace, great health, and purpose.

 Carography Studios

Carography Studios


Fun Fact That you’d like to share!

Ooo fun fact about me is that I am afro Latina. I’m from the beautiful island of Dominican Republic and my first language is Spanish.


After reading her responses to my questions (because we interviewed through email due to the distance between us), I knew there was a reason I followed her and wanted to talk with her. I felt a sense of confirmation within her interview because although I didn’t quit, I got fired I also decided to become a full time creative and it has been working more in my favor in these past 2 weeks then it has been in these past 2 months. 

so with that being said: 
Trust The Process, Live Well and Be Inspired.
You can follow her on instagram @loveoffering to see more of her greatness 🌻