Here's to a New Beginning

So I decided to discontinue my pride & joy. 

Yes, you heard correct, The Peace Pages will discontinue very soon probably on Friday. 

Anywho, Im discontinuing it because I rushed it and I love Brandon so much for just being my person and so honest, 

The realest thing he said to me was “So you published a book before the age 25, congrats but now what?” I was already thinking about doing a revision but this memoir has really been weighing heavy on my heart. He didn’t tell me to rewrite the whole book he told me to do some edits because I mispelled some words, but that wasn’t enough for me. I keep having dreams about this memoir and what direction I should go in and then it hit me as I was listening to Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going to Need More Wine,” The Peace Pages is your memoir so combine them and make it like a 2.0 version. 

Gabrielle Union really inspired me, she made me confident to speak on some things that I have never spoke on, and as I was reading and writing this memoir I got a little uncomfortable. I also wrote The Peace Pages but I’m not all that peaceful. I fall in and out of peace like anyone and I feel like a memoir fits more because I haven't conquered it just yet. I can still spread the light that I was given on top of these mini lessons in life but in a different way. I feel like if I want to do this whole lifestyle and wellness journey I have to be transparent. You know the steps I have taken but don't know why I took them or what even triggered me to really get on this self love train and keep going. As I continue to evolve I'm noticing little things are changing about what I want as far as a career and out of my future in general and I'm starting to figure out that as much as I like to be low-key and in the background God gave me a voice that speaks volumes through writing so it's only right to take full advantage and see exactly where it takes me. I been taking all kinds of leaps of faith from dating a man who moved to Turkey the day after we met to deciding to do Lyft full-time AKA whenever I feel like it and literally everything has been falling into line. So I'm not stopping there, I'm taking all leaps necessary. 

Thank you for all that have supported me and The Peace Pages but I promise you this memoir will be worth the wait. I am taking my time with this one because I have actual plans for it. It’s not just a quick project or a short term goal to accomplish, but if I want to be a genuine NY Times best seller I have to plan and execute like one. I want my words to always be relatable and I always want to move someone but I also want to reach and stay in peace. So the book is more like a journal because I appreciate being personable but it will definitely be longer than The Peace Pages.

What I learned from The Peace Pages is, there is nothing wrong with moving slow. Set goals with objectives then make something shake. That's where the real accomplishment comes in. 


If you want to purchase it before I discontinue it here is the link to it down below..