February is for Fruition


It's almost the end of February and let me say, 1 this has gone by extremely fast and 2 I couldn't be any happier. I have been working on this idea I've had for about a year now. It's called (be)NuNaked and things are actually starting to come to fruition. It's no longer an idea, I have my LLC, I have my website (in the works), I got my shirts, I'm having a photoshoot, having a launch party in April and the support I get is CRAZY! It's really exciting. 

I also have been getting really good at making logos, and the business is getting just as good. I even got Squarespace certified to make websites!! Now, if you are reading this...I am SQAURESPACE certified meaning please don't come at me with no coding bullshit. That is NOT my thing. School has also been going very well too. Of course little things annoy me like my teacher but hey one more semester and a little more positivity it'll be over before I know it. 


Last but not least, my boyfriend is coming home! He's been in Turkey for a year now and this was a very hard year just because of the distance. Everyday I missed him, and if I really needed a hug or a back rub he wasn't here. IT SUCKED! But what kept me going was knowing that I was going to be good either way it went. LIVING IN THE PRESENT. Not thinking about what he could be doing because I knew that he wasn't, I trusted him mostly because after I claimed what I wanted...I met him and we became friends. I did not have any idea on the impact he would make in my life or the love that I would receive I just knew he was supposed to be my person: friend or lover.


I wasn't ready to be in a relationship because of my fear of commitment I also felt like if I was in a relationship I'd have to give up my independence. But that was wrong. Brandon allows me to be myself all the way with no judgement. Even when we were friends we should share some ridiculous stories and just laugh about it. I never thought I'd meet someone now because I    accepted to be single until I'm 30 and just use the time to work on myself and brand along the way. But when he asked me to be his girlfriend I couldn't say no. 

In this past year of knowing him he encouraged me to go to therapy for my anxiety, he supports me to the max, he keeps me calm before my anxiety attacks get too crazy and seriously loves me unconditionally. He really loves me and I love me some him. Obsessed and don't give a damn. We argue like any couple, it's not a perfect relationship but it's perfectly imperfect. It's perfect for me. 

So people asked me: How do you do long distance? How do you know he isn't doing anything?

Answer is simple: As hard as it is for me to remain present about my future it is very easy for me to remain present in my relationship. Occasionally I  day dream about our wedding but nonetheless remaining present in my relationship helps. At first I had those thoughts but they quickly faded. I remembered saying to myself if it is meant to be, it will be. If it's not meant to be,  I will set it free. I ACCEPTED this and ran with it. Even after this super huge fight I thought it was done and instead of me getting the confirmation to let it be I got confirmation that he was the one.

So after all this rambling, what the main message is, is BE PRESENT in EVERYTHING you do whether it be your business or your personal life. Be Present and trust yourself. Drown negative thoughts out and speak whatever it is you want into your life. And what you ask for you will receive so be specific.