Check your space

So I’m in this space. 

I’m free, I’m happy, I’m hungry, I’m happy, I’m calm, I’m anxious but I’m happy.


Why repeat that I’m happy, well because I am. And speaking it into existence only makes it stay, it makes it more real. It’s the end of the month and I wrote my February intentions but I didn’t share them. I didn’t feel the need to honestly. But ima show y’all here! 

This month I kept a lot of the same intentions because I feel like I need them most, especially the one about school, that is work in itself. But I find that writing intentions literally get me through the month randomly I    find myself with the right intention on my mind at the right time. 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and at first I was all here for social media I wanted to be an influencer, but then I realized how thirsty some of my favorite influencers looked. Perspective: I’m getting paid to review these products, what if I hate them and I say I hate them then I’m black listed. Or what if no one buys them, then I wasn’t any help to their brand. Most importantly my page is no longer my page. My page is for everyone else, I found myself as an influencer would looking at the analytics then I found myself not caring shortly after it. And, I realized there had to be a balance somewhere.

My account then belongs to everyone else and instagram is a business or a visual story board and seeing that I have a business I rather have my personal page as a story board. 

I didn’t blog last week sorry, I thought about it but I also didn’t want to. I had a test to study for, then I spent the rest of the week with my boyfriend and I told myself that it was a work free weekend just have fun. And I did, I love spending time with him and his family, listening to them talk and just having real conversations. It was nice!

I’ve been kind of caught up in the “content” world where I’m like “hmmmmm I don’t have anything to post” then I go searching for content and realize I’m tripping. It’s not that deep lol. (balance)

Now, I’m not saying don’t be an influencer, I’m not saying don’t blog or anything in that nature I’m saying, don’t forget your life is YOUR life, quality over quantity by far and acknowledge the space you're in and try to make adjustments if they’re not positive spaces. I saw a lot of post saying people needed to realign their chakras well do it. Acknowledge your chakra imbalance, acknowledge where it’s coming from then fix it. 

So I’m in this space,

I am light, I am peace, I am happy I am calm, I am full, I am happy.