An Ode to Myself

 Joshua Galloway

Joshua Galloway

As I was sitting here typing this out I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go with this "Ode to Self-care" and it hit me I really don't want to go anywhere with it.

I just want to talk. For the longest, self-care Sundays consisted of: face masks, me time, good books, manicures, pedicures oh and of course some good tea or great wine.

Yeaaa nice, sweet red wine preferably white and some Erykah. A nice fine ballpoint pen one blank page. 

That was my Self-care Sundays..

THEN, I got older and realized that "Self-Care Sundays" don't only have to be on Sundays and they're a little bit deeper than manicures, pedicures and face masks...annnnnd wine could potentially turn into a problem but... Jesus drank wine so that's my excuse so it will never be a problem lol


Self-care meant taking care of myself by any means necessary. Meaning if I have to be a little selfish it's OK, if I have to ignore people for a day because it just doesn't feel right, it's OK. self-care to me meant "ok so I have anxiety" (confronting anxiety) and sometimes I have anxiety attacks in my sleep, and I need to find out ways to relieve that so I can sleep at night. (Trying to find the solution to having anxiety)

Self-care to me meant finding out the roots of my trust issues. Self-care also meant that insecurities are just imperfections and I will never be perfect but I'm perfectly imperfect for myself, so let's figure out how the hell that makes sense.

Once this was all brought out to the surface, my "Self-care Sundays" turned into every morning, for about two hours. I sit in silence and reflect, no wine this time because it's only 7 o'clock in the morning, but I still have that same fine ballpoint pen and a blank page of paper. Self-care also turned in to quiet car rides and podcast, a whooooole lot of podcast. From boss chicks like Myleik, to more peaceful tings like Black girl in Om or Hey Girl podcast. Hell, even if I need a laugh Black Girl Podcast and Jade and XD (aka homo withOUT the pause, aka Effie White because we all have problems!) always keep me rolling. 

Self-care even turned to writing through writers block, practicing patience within myself and learning how to trust myself again. Feeding my thoughts with positivity and inspiration by cleaning up my instagram tremendously. Manifestation is real y'all. Surround yourself with all that it is you want and the Universe acts accordingly.


This self care Sunday became routine and my daily lifestyle.

So this is for you self care , Thank You for allowing Sundays to be the start of my journey.