5 Ways to Live a Little More Carefree


So funny story!

A friend of mine asked me for wellness tips and how to stay positive all the time and the gag is I’M NOT ALWAYS POSITIVE. I am forever A human though. I honestly get asked a lot on how to stay positive and it’s only funny to me because I’m not ALWAYS positive and I’m getting better at finding the silver lining but I’m human. 

So this is my truth. 

I get very angry very easily because I think people should think like me, because I’m considerate and thoughtful. People are very dumb and can be self centered but guess what?! 

That has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. So why let it stress me? So instead of bitching about, it I say my peace and then TRY to release and find the silver lining in it and if I cant I’m honest with how I feel. I acknowledge it. I constantly remind myself to not take things so personal and that you can find light in every situation it’s actually easy. My boyfriend also reminds me of positive thinking. We actually remind each other. 

And in turn this is making me less stressed and care free! 


So here are my top 5 ways I TRY and PRACTICE being care free


  1. Stop giving a fuck. Sorry mom if you read this and people who curse but worry about yourself. In the words of Brandon “get you some business about yourself”. If it has nothing to do with you or your well being why care? Unfollow the girl who throws shade at you, delete that persons number who pisses you off...even if it’s your mom (jk kinda) but yea seriously stop caring about things that won’t benefit you. 

  2. Uh eat healthier foods. Believe it or not, certain foods carry things that heighten stress levels naturally so if you naturally stress easily, figure out what naturally reduces stress and eat more of it. Also coconut oil supports gut health and Dr. Tiffany Lester preaches the importance of gut health and anxiety and the effect it has on your whole body.

  3. Do more things that make you happy, and don’t make excuses. People make time for what they want to make time for.

  4. Allow yourself to be free. If you are angry be angry. Allow any emotion you feel to come and go, the worse thing you could do is sweep the feeling under the rug and let it fester. This is something that I am getting way better at. If someone makes me upset and I know how they are instead of saying it I naturally ignore it and understand that because their character is xyz they will always be this way. The bad thing is when more things happen,  because I’ve never spoke on it the thought of this person breathing becomes like scratching a chalk board. So NO, do not ignore your feelings, acknowledge them and become friends with them then allow them to be free. That works alooooooooot better trust me! 

  5. Smile and in turn make someone else smile.

Another thing is when you get to that point where you feel comfortable enough to spread love freely, SPREAD LOVE FREELY, I tell people I love them sometimes it’s random people. This guy told me he loved me and I freely said it back but that’s because I understand that love is becoming a foreign language and more people need to learn it because the world will be a better place if we all just spread love a lot more freely.