4 Ways to be a Lauryn Hill in a world of Kim K's


Societal pressures have gotten to the point of no return. 

What do you mean Kody?! 

I mean that this place has turned into a fake place of love with an over powering amount of competition. Where people are more into being seen than doing the work. Letting money and popularity be the ruler of all. Now, don’t get me wrong of course I wanna be seen but in a very unseen kind of way. I want my work to get out to the right people, I want NuNaked’s mission to be known worldwide because I know all that I want to do for women of color.

But I fight myself constantly because I don’t want to look like “one of those.”


In our world social media portrays everyone’s best life. Everyone making moves, traveling the world doing all this dope looking stuff but in reality,



All of the glitter ain’t gold and none of this materialistic stuff even matters if your mind is in the wrong place and your subconsciously being ran by money. Ask yourself, why are you doing what you’re doing and what are you really doing to help. They seem like simple questions but the trick is being honest with yourself in the second part of the question. 

You are in the business of helping people, GREAT, but what are you doing to help these people? How are any of these people benefiting from your services...BE HONEST! 

It’s easy to fall into the glitz and glam and it seems like you’re on stage and everyone screaming your name and you got Beyoncé wind all in your hair but stay afloat. 

  1. Keep your heart and mind aligned and in the right space. 
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others glam. Hell don’t compare period. It’s okay to look up to but never compare.
  3. Always be honest with yourself, no matter if the truth hurts. 
  4. Don’t worry about who does it first, it’s not about who gets there first EVER it’s about who does it for the right reasons and essentially who does it right.

It took a year to get where I am, and where do I see myself in 10 years? 

Hosting wellness retreats teaching meditation and yoga and holistic living to people of color. In urban areas because we need it. Hopefully being in urban areas will bring white people closer and eventually erase color lines and stereotypes of people of color. Creating spaces for women of color to always feel at home. I’m committed to living fully in purpose, I’m making sure I’m taking the right steps to get other women of color to live comfortably in their purpose. Why?? because I love women and  (be)NuNaked is literally all about celebrating women loving ourselves and just being a woman. 


Remember how you gone win if you ain’t right within, and always keep ya head up.