young, wild & free

 photos | honey

photos | honey

i had a vision of this shoot after Brandon told me about the concept. it's no field of sunflowers, but there's a field, it's open and and i can run as far as the horizon and i like that. when we are younger we live carelessly through our hearts. whatever we want to do we do it, whatever we want to feel, we feel it and at our youngest self we were also most pure. knew nothing of pain and  heartache unless a dear family member were to pass away. but we didn't experience love and heartbreak, we didn't know what sex felt like to become consumed by intense feelings. we just knew playing with toys and our friends meant happiness, grandmas cooking meant love and if those didn't happen we were hurt, we were upset and life wasn't fair. 

these pictures represent my younger self that i am slowly getting back to. I felt like i lost her for a while, and it's like every day that i study meditation, i practice meditation or i journal (inconsistently) i am reminded that i have always been my younger self. i never lost her, she was lost inside of me, underneath all of the bullshit i've encountered in the 12 years of my loving life. 

so cheers to the younger me + cheers to letting shift happen.

young, wild & free.

comment below your best memories of your younger self, lets talk!

our best days happen when we feel less dependent on outside factors for our happiness and because we searched for it within ourself