world poetry day: earl grey & agave

 photo | honey

photo | honey

i started writing poetry a long time ago, and for me it was my therapy before therapy. whenever i  got to spend time with myself i would go in my closet and write, i even started a tumblr where i met some really dope writers like r.h.sin. of course my writing has changed but what i noticed is that now everyone wants to be a poet and the art of poetry just like any fine art has lost it's essence. mind you, this is my opinion and i'm entitled to it. nobody cares about processing the emotions, they rather write sonnets, two sentences that leave you wondering where the rest of the poem is or that feeling is. i appreciate all art but i don't like it just because you have a big name and an even bigger platform. reyna biddy, true to her art and her authentic voice and i love her. alex elle is another one who has inspired me forever. erykah badu and lauryn hill are 2 other writers/song writers that i love also. 

but i am writing a poetry book, idk when it'll be done, but i can't wait for it; so stay tuned for that, in the mean time here's a snippet i wrote for my boyfriend when we started dating: 


earl grey & agave

you make me feel

like The world is mine

the butterflies that fly are 

caged near my heart

so when I think of you it tickles me 

And I can't help but feel all giddy

going to sleep with you on my mind 

eases me, but knowing I'm a hard case 

of love puts fear in me. 

what if you don't stay 

i don't want this feeling to leave.

you're my earl grey & agave

you're my Marvin Gaye and stormy weather

your words read my favorite love letter

our heart beats will play my favorite song 

you make my mondays not so long

you're my favorite place to be

you on my mind is my favorite way to sleep

xoxo, sincerely yours