The importance of self-reflection & authenticity


so I recently started writing my second book: a full poetry & prose book. I thought of naming it poetry & prose but it's not that simple and I don't love the name I like it. so anyways last night I had this reflection. 

I realized that it is important as a writer to not only find your voice but to make sure it's authentic. It is important as a writer to produce daily, practice daily -- or create daily.

practice makes perfect.

I know that I write beautiful poetry because it comes from my heart and I know that it's touching because I've been told by other people...but what good does that do if I don't believe it myself? and I would doubt myself if I didn't practice every day. 

it is important to find YOUR authentic voice through self-reflection and practice. I have been challenging my self as a writer and I am in competition with no one other than myself. I challenged myself to write 100 new poems for the book and I challenged to practice little things like repetition, then inspirational writing meaning, I look at something and I write as if I'm there or if that "something" could talk. I can honestly say I'm getting back to my old writing habits and ways and I love it. 

What happens when I reach the 100 poems? the challenge was too easy and I'll write 100 more, or i'll write strictly prose but I have 80 poems to go. 

with every challenge I take on from myself I become more and more vulnerable. writing from the random inspiration I find on my own helps me remain true to me, and my words. it helps me write like me.

so all this to say there's healing in this journey for me. I am experiencing love on a different level for myself as a writer, I am facing my own fears of sharing my work and people critiquing me. I am reflecting and thinking deeply about things as a writer and putting myself in that object. I used to do that when I was younger, I wrote from other people feelings, I put myself in their shoes and that took a helluva toll on me. so I, I am seeing that I am not emotionally attached to certain feelings anymore which means I have learned how to control my emotions and separate the emotions that don't belong to me.

so i challenge you to do the same. 

self-reflect and separate any feelings or emotions what doesn't belong to you.


 xoxo, kody