moment of vulnerability: vulnerability makes me whole


so vulnerability is the one human interaction that brings us closer. as humans there are things we can’t ignore. we have needs from society that have to be filled in order for us to feel okay, and when a need is not met how does one react? 

vulnerability allows that raw kind of communication that leaves unbiased and non judgmental conversations on the table. you let it all out, and when you leave, you bets not take it with you because it’s gonna haunt you. you’re going to find yourself always thinking about it. so it’s better to face the truth even if it hurts, or even if it may get you nowhere with another individual.

being vulnerable is something that often gets called weak, but they are not synonymous. to be weak is to not have a sense of self, letting people walk all over you; but to be vulnerable-- that means to be strong. having a strong sense of self and letting walls down to make that important human connection is what vulnerability is all about. 

in a world full of personalities it is important that we try to keep that interpersonal connection with each other. it is important as women that we understand each other and communicate on an emotional level to gain a better understanding of how to love one another. as women we have to understand that it always starts with us. and as women of color we have to understand that although things are against us we set the record for how things will be for us. 

understanding one another will uplift us to have a more of a community mindset rather than a competition one. A GENUINE ONE

moment of vulnerability:

i wasn't the most confident person when i was younger. i used to want to change everything about me. i looked up all kinds of things like how i could make my boobs and butt bigger to look more like everyone else. i tried these things that i found on google and thinking back on it, i know now how ridiculous it was, but before ...i didn’t have the slightest idea about what it meant to love myself and I went through minor depression. i genuinely hated myself which led me into relationships that didn’t fulfill me or make me whole. they filled voids that my father left absent. my dad and i didnt have the closest relationship and now that my parents are separated i feel way closer to him. but regardless the point is, i learned to love myself through trial and tribulation. i had to get naked and become vulnerable with myself to get to the real of these feelings. 

now, i know what it means to love yourself and appreciate the vulnerable moments i have with myself. And i appreciate those moments where i can be vulnerable with myself and others. 


i love the nakedness i embody, that makes me whole