happy monday: meditation + self-reflections

 art journal - poetry

art journal - poetry

today, this morning, i woke up with every intention to be productive. i turned on my LoFi beats, got on the floor and started my yoga. i got distracted because I noticed mites on my baby eva and decided that self-care is also making sure things and people you care for are taken care of and today i was going to really get to the bottom of it. 

as i meditated i let my mind wander where i wanted it to go, as always but in my time alone i reflected on an old journal i found yesterday cleaning up. although there were only 3 journal entries they were emotion packed and i was so empty and funny things i remember those feelings exactly. i remembered feeling alone, empty unloved and in 2013 is really when my self-care practice started. that's when i was making more connections. and i've been evolving ever since, and really living this life experience. i found another journal with bible reflections in it and that's when things began to turn around. of course, this journey went on had its ups and downs and was nowhere near perfect but what i accomplished was separating my emotions from people and things that no longer served me. made a conscious decision that i was going to work on me, i had a good sense of self and i still do because my self-care game is low-key lit. 

but moral of the story self-care is definitely not just peaches and cream. it's a lot of alone time to think, it's feeling lonely to only realize that if you don't have a friend in yourself you legit have nothing. It's taking the silence and becoming one with it. It's turning off the TV and working your mind, feeding it with something of value. It's eating the right things because your body is talking to it about what it likes, dislikes and needs. 

it's literally becoming 1 with mind, body, and soul. 

so reflect on something this week that you are lacking and find a way to put it into your routine.