Manifesting your Magic


i met a pretty amazing woman named Kelley who introduced me into mantras in the simplest way: she told a personal story and how the universe made it so she would receive all the things she believed she deserved by saying:

"i have everything i need." 

so, i tried it.

the tricky part is believing you deserve whatever you speak into existence and the even trickier part is knowing your purpose and making sure it aligns. 

so when it comes to manifesting you have to make sure that the things you are speaking into existence are from a pure place in your heart and without any ill emotions. on top of that you have to make sure you believe you need it and it will benefit you to help you grow and get to where you want to be. some people pray, some people meditate on it some manifest but it's all the same and the same "rules" apply.

without believing or having faith all that you are hoping to receive is dead. 

i know for my own personal practices i use affirmations to align my heart, mantras to speak on what i need, i meditate and i talk to God like he's big homie. but your practices don't have to be my practices. these little things really help and the more you practice, the easier things become as well as the clearer they become. 


recently things that i have thought of, manifested in or even just spoke on have literally been presented to me, i spoke on investors for (be)NuNaked i met the manager of my bank.  he said his partner handles investors and a bunch of different things and he said he will connect us. the exciting part was the fact that i didn't tell him I  was looking for it. 

i've mentioned this before but for those who didn't catch it ---> b and i got into a heated argument and almost broke up. i spoke to God about it and everything i talked about and spoke on and stated that needed to be said and discussed b said. my exact words were, "if he is my husband like i know and feel in my heart he is, he will say and understand...he will also not need a day we won't take a day we will talk like adults." the next morning he text me and we talked and he said everything i spoke to God about. talk about mind blown.  

whether it be in relationships or business be specific, ask for clear signs and have an open mind and heart about whatever it is. don't get upset just understand that everything is alright, and you will get what you receive when they up top believe you are ready to receive it. 


xoxo, kody