journal entry: Protecting your Sexual Energy


Protecting your energy goes beyond watch who's in your circle. It goes as deep as who are you sharing a bed with, who are you having sex with? 

Last night after reading the Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah I came across an interview that talked about intimacy and vulnerability. If you are not vulnerable how can you really be intimate? 

And in Oprah’s words, you basically can't. When you're not vulnerable you technically have on an armor, and when 2 people have on armor or even one there's a blockage. If 2 people have on armor them neither being is present there just 2 bodies having sex, more than likely because it feels good and it's lust or a void filler more than anything. If one person has on armor then only one person is present and the other is just providing a body. Either way, someone loses. 

So understanding that I realized how true it was for myself, I'm a very vulnerable person. I'm very transparent and I told myself I would never stop being the way I am because I am a completely open vessel. I knew eventually I would find the one who loves my love. I got heartbroken along the way but I had to learn that sex wasn't to be given to just anyone, inconsistent men didn't deserve me. If I was emotionally present he had to be too. It was a lot of soul-searching and bad relationships in between. 

But what I took from the interview and the following pages were: to be in an intimate relationship we must know how these things work hand in hand. We have to make the CONSCIOUS adult decision to protect our sexual energy just like how we cut off friends who are no longer deserving of our love or presence.

Ask yourself these questions? 

Is my partner deserving of my sexual energy?

Are they emotionally present for me or themselves?

Do they show up mentally and emotionally when I need them?

Do I show up for myself when I need it? 

If you ask these questions and they're a no on both ends work on yourself, work on the relationship without sex. It is okay to say I need some TLC. You should openly have these kinds of conversations with your lover and if they're not okay with it shit that ain't ya lover. 

We are at the age where we need to be taking care of ourselves fully not just in certain places. Don't be afraid to face the truth especially if you are the one you have to face. 

Just because sex feels good doesn't mean it's good sex,


Think about it and protect your energy.

xoxo, kody